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Nomination 030000 “Base” Stainless Steel Starter Bracelet Composable Classic

030000 Starter Bracelet

Nomination 030000 “Base” Stainless Steel Starter Bracelet Composable Classic

“Base” Stainless Steel Starter Bracelet


Manufacturer: Nomination

Product Code: 030000

Metal: Stainless Steel

Stone: None

Enamel: None

Warranty: 2 Year



“Base” Stainless Steel Starter Bracelet Composable Classic

This Nomination base bracelet is created using Stainless Steel and can be comfortably worn by people with Nickel allergies.  It is made up of 17 links which will fit an average sized wrist.  As each charm is added in the bracelet will grow in size by one link.  Simply replace a spare link with a charm to keep the bracelet at the same size.

This bracelet must be purchased only when also purchasing any charm from the Nomination collection. This is a condition of sale from Nomination.

Please Note You Can Purchase A Charm Without A Bracelet. But You Cannot Purchase ANY bracelet without a Charm

Caring For Your Nomination Charm and Bracelet

To clean your charm and bracelet the best way is to gently rub with a soft clean cloth

Nomination Links

You can personalise this precious bracelet made of stainless steel and gold thanks to the way an ingenious spring mechanism connects the Links. These iconic, symbolic Charms allow you to create looks that are always new and fresh. There are thousands of designs and pendants to choose from, in gold, silver, enamel and gemstones.

It’s a jewel that celebrates the Italian drive to create something that’s unique, original, and in continuous evolution – just like life.

Ever since its debut in the fabulous 1980s, Composable has been an icon for style and artisanal craftsmanship, and thanks to Composable’s innovative design, it made Nomination famous worldwide.

This isn’t just the history of a piece of jewellery. This is the story of a brilliant intuition transformed into something unique that’s able to express the emotions and personality of the person wearing it.