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Nicole Barr NN0383B “Cross” Silver Rhodium Plated & Blue Enamel Pendant With Chain


Nicole Barr NN0383B “Cross” Silver Rhodium Plated & Blue Enamel Pendant With Chain

“Cross” Silver & Blue Enamel Pendant with Chain

Manufacturer: Nicole Barr

Product Code: NN0383B 

Collection:  Contemporary

Metal: Silver

Enamel: Blue

Stone: None

Pendant Size: 20mm

Chain Length: Adjustable 18″

Warranty: 1 Year


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Nicole Barr

Viterous Enamel

Enamel or vitreous enamel is really a thin layer of glass fused by heat on to the surface of a metal. Enamel is also used by artists and in jewellery, famously in Russia’s Fabergé eggs. We make enamel by melting tiny coloured glass particles on to red-hot metal in 800 degrees C furnaces. As it cools it fuses to give glass-coated metal. It all started 3500 years ago in Cyprus. Since 1500 BC enamelling has provided a wonderful, durable, attractive and reliable material.

Vitreous enamel is very fine glass particles fused onto copper at 800 degrees celsius. Although this enamel is strong, care must be taken to ensure that the edges of the piece do not chip. Keep the piece in the calico bag provided in a dry, clean, dust free environment. Dropping the piece or being excessively rough with it can lead to small chips and cracks in the surface. Just remember… its glass!



In this collection you will find the flowers are of many varieties from Daisies, roses, pansies, fotget-me-knots to list just a few. Nicole Barr also on some species of flowers adds to the enamel precious stones such as diamonds, and freshwater pearls.

Ocean Treasures

This collection has different catagories ranging from palm trees, compass, boat. Through to sea animals manta ray, dolphin, turtles & blue marlin and many more. This collection is not only set with enamel some of this collection is set with freshwater pearls, diamonds, sapphire & white sapphires.


Nature collection consists of butterflies, dragonflies, bees, leaves & ladybirds with more that i have not been listed. This collection is also set with enamel, diamonds, white sapphire & yellow sapphire with more stones not listed.

Other Collections Are:





All the jewellery is designed in either silver or 18ct Gold