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Lladro 010.05429 “Happy Birthday” Porcelain Figurine

010.05429 Happy Birthday

Lladro 010.05429 “Happy Birthday” Porcelain Figurine

“Happy Birthday” Porcelain Figurine

Manufacturer: Lladro

Product Code: 010.05429

Issue Year:  1987

Sculptor: Jose Roig

Size: 20cm X 8cm


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Lladro “Our Pose Ballet”

Lladro 010.05429 Happy Birthday is a beautiful little girl carrying a slice of birthday cake. Her angelic face captures the look of love and surprise. With her hair hold back in a white bow decorated in blue flowers. The white and green dress she is wearing has flower motifs decorating it. The blue hem and collar stand out, against the pink of the top of the dress. This beautiful little girl would make a perfect gift to remember any birthday.

Lladro History

In 1953 Juan, José and Vicente Lladró make their first creations inspired by an experimental vocation,  in a Moorish furnace built in their own home in Almàssera Valencia.  The brothers developed their artistic interest as they worked in a tile and crockery factory. These carefully designed pieces already have a special charm that awakened public interest.

By 1955 they begin making sculptures in which a clear influence of the trends of the XVIII century can be observed. These pieces evoke the works of former porcelain artists such as Meissen, Sèvres and Capodimonte. In 1958 Juan, José and Vicente decide to dedicate theirselves exclusively to their own works and transfer their small company to a warehouse. In the neighbouring town of Tavernes Blanques, because the family workshop has become too small for their business. The brothers introduced innovations not only in the design and style of the figurines but also in the firing techniques. Reducing the three-layer firing to a one-layer process. One-firing is an innovative method which creates the crystalline finish and the pastel tonalities typical of Lladró works.

LLadro Through The Years

1960 in this period, the word “Spain” is incorporated to Lladró’s logo as a clear indicator of the company’s exporting vocation. 1965. Lladró exported part of its production to Canada and began to be introduced into the United States, where the brothers travelled for the first time in 1969. Sad Harlequin was made 1969 marked a considerable change in the brothers’ artistic evolution. The stylized lines and the romantic air of this figurine will long characterize Lladró style, appreciated throughout the world.

In 1974, the first sculptures of the Élite collection are created. This collection comprised of more technically complex sculptures, generally large creations highly considered by the Lladró brothers.

1980’s the creative arena,  the brand is introduced: Flowers of the Season, a composition of hundreds of flowers that conveys grace and freshness with a great artistic value.
Flowers have always had a very important meaning to Lladró, as their creation required expert hands.
A group of artists exclusively dedicated to this activity, giving detailed and thorough attention to this typical Lladró element, petal by peta

By the end of the 1990’s the luxury collection “Legend” is born, combining the delicate and translucent texture of porcelain with the shine of gold and precious stones. A series of imaginary creatures, fairies, elves and little angels were born as a new technical challenge,  a new form of expression for Lladró artists. The 1990s is also the time of large compositions, of complex scenes combining many different characters. In this regard, Cinderella’s Arrival is one of the benchmarks in the history of Lladró.