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Hoxton London 0.74.1121 “Plain Cufflinks” Silver Plain Oval Cufflinks

0.74.1121 Silver Plain Cufflinks

Hoxton London 0.74.1121 “Plain Cufflinks” Silver Plain Oval Cufflinks

“Plain Cufflinks” Silver Plain Oval Cufflinks

Manufacturer: Hoxton London

Product Code: 0.74.1121

Collection:  Plain Cufflinks

Gender: Gents

Metal: Silver

Pattern: Plain

Finish:  Polished

Fitting: Swivel

Width: 25mm

£150.00 £62.50

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Hoxton London History

Famous craftsmen, merchants and poets alike underpin Hoxton’s heritage, in centuries of arts and cultural influences.

Being the hub of entertainment in the Tudor times, to being the centre of jewellery trade in the Victorian era, Hoxton men have never stopped fighting for their dreams with pride and brilliance.

Inheriting traditional Hoxton design influences and silver craftsmanship, Hoxton London specialises in blending sterling silver with interesting materials to create your personal balance of texture and patterns.

Hoxton London Collections

Bamboo Collection:

Is of a traditional design that has a plaited detail to the collection. The designer tried to capture the rugged and earthy feel.

Leather Collection:

Is made with silver & a leather insert on all the collection. From the bangles, rings and pendants.

Black Sapphire Collection:

Made with silver & black sapphires. This collection is made from bangles, bracelets, rings, pendants & Cufflinks.

Plain Collection:

This collection is made up from cufflinks, pendants, bangles. rings. The designer has made a classic look and feel in this entire range.

Brick Collection:

is designed with rugged feel and look in mind. The Brick Collection is made with silver and leather inlay

Caring for Hoxton London:

The best way to look after and clean your Hoxton London Piece is to gently rub with a soft cloth.