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Coeur de Lion 4015/30-0705 “GeoCube” Stainless Steel Blue Green 18.5cm Bracelet

4015-30-0705 GeoCube

Coeur de Lion 4015/30-0705 “GeoCube” Stainless Steel Blue Green 18.5cm Bracelet

“GeoCube” Stainless Steel Blue Green 18.5cm Bracelet

Manufacturer: Coeur de Lion

Product Code: 4015/30-0705

Collection: GeoCube

Metal: Stainless Steel

Stone:  Haematite with Titanium Oxide Finishing

             Swarovski Crystal

            Rhinestone Rondelles

Length: 18.5cm + 3cm Extender

Thickness: 0.6cm

Clasp: Lobster


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Coeur de Lion History

In 1987, the same year the company was founded, Carola Eckrodt presented her first creations using industrial parts at the Avantgarde exhibition in Munich, the then main trade fair for innovative fashion jewellery.

The Dusseldorf-based couturier Hanns Friedrichs, who became a style icon as outfitter to Joan Collins, took an interest in the fledgling company and bought the complete first collection, which in addition to gearbox parts also incorporated rubber, petrol hoses and alloy steel!

The designs became more refined but still based around a slightly industrial look.

A new process was employed alongside anodisation to deposit a protective oxidic coating just a few nanometres thick on the aluminium and thus protect the material from corrosion. The result was the first coloured anodised designs – in silver, gold, blue and red. The famous base material from 1987 is still used in Carola Eckrodt’s collections today. COEUR DE LION was the first German company to work diamond-cut anodised aluminium into silky, glittering jewellery.

In 2014 COEUR DE LION has been selected as the “Best Jewellery Brand 2014” at the UK Watch and Jewellery Awards 2014, the most prestigious distinction in this sector in Great Britain. According to the jury, the deciding factors for this were a “primarily colourful and especially vivid brand” and the “impressive product variety”. Then again COEUR DE LION was a finalist for 2015.

COEUR DE LION has been awarded the prestigious German Design Award “Special” for 2016 –  the jury praised the “uniquely beautiful, timeless designs full of strength and joie de vivre” and is winner of the German Brand Award for 2016. This was a fantastic event with a journey of images presented by Carola and Nils Eckrodt and information about the huge rise in popularity of COEUR DE LION over the years and the personal introduction of their daughter Greta who is the new campaign model for the AU/NZ Spring Summer 2017/18 collection. 2018 heralded another award, this time a German Design Award in the Luxury Goods and Excellent Product Design categories.

Care of Your Coeur de Lion


At COEUR DE LION, the highest quality standards apply, both to our suppliers when selecting the materials and to our own employees in our workshops. Nevertheless, there are factors which can have negative effects on high-quality designer jewellery:

For instance, direct UV exposure from sunlight can cause fading, especially of coloured wood, paillettes and other materials. Additionally there is sensitivity to perfume, hairspray, all products containing propellant gas, and also to the skin’s natural protective acid layer, which varies from woman to woman. Accordingly we recommend removing jewellery before using cosmetics, sunscreen or perfume.

Do not wear the jewellery in water, saunas, tanning beds or during sports. In order to avoid water damage, remove rings before washing your hands. To avoid bends in the nylon-coated steel wire, store your jewellery preferably in the COEUR DE LION box. By following these tips, you will get many years of happiness from your jewellery.