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Bering 90066-74S “Alarm Clock” Grey Plastic White Sqaure Dial Alarm Clock

90066-74S Alarm Clock

Bering 90066-74S “Alarm Clock” Grey Plastic White Sqaure Dial Alarm Clock

“Alarm Clock” Grey Plastic White Square Dial Alarm Clock

Manufacturer:  Bering

Product Code: 90066-74S

Collection: Alarm Clock

Gender: Unisex

Material: Grey Plastic

Dial Colour: White

Dial Shape: Square

Dial Feature: Luminated Second Hand

Movement: Quartz

Size: 66mm

Warranty: 1 Year


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Bering “Wall Clock”

Bering Alarm Clock 90066-74S  grey plastic, white dial square alarm clock. With black coloured hands and baton markers. This quartz alarmMovemer clock of elegant in designer.

Bering History

When Danish adventurer and businessman René Kaerskov jumped out of a helicopter into the ice cold of the Arctic, directly over the North Pole in 2008, he had no idea that he was parachuting into a new era.

Because at that moment in time, landing safely at the most northerly point of the globe, his heart was conquered by the cool, simple beauty and infinite white expanse of the eternal ice. Overwhelmed by these fascinating impressions, he also captivated his business partners Michael Witt Johansen and Lars Gram-Skjønnemann with his descriptions of the exquisite splendour of the Arctic landscape. Inspired by these beautiful images the two Danes started to develop the vision of a new watch brand – a watch brand which would be as pure, clear and breathtakingly beautiful as the Arctic itself.

The idea for BERING was born.

Exactly 280 years ago, the Danish sailor Vitus braced himself for a daring adventure: in 1728 he set sail for an almost unknown area of the Arctic Ocean. On his journey he crossed the straits which would later be named the Bering Strait in his honour. Vitus was the first European to discover Alaska and it is here that one of the four time zones bears his famous name: Bering Time!

Treading new ground, venturing into unknown territory: the Danes Vitus Bering and Rene Kaerskov link these ideas with the brand. This is the only way in which a vision can become reality. And so the brand is successfully made up of the perfect combination of extraordinarily hard materials and an extremely slim design.